Email marketing is a great tool for keeping patients updated on the latest information about your practice. Through email marketing you can feature latest news, new procedures, medical advancements, specials, awards, recognition’s and more. Below are a few tips you can use for your next email blast.
1. Your Message Should Be Short– Readers a drawn to pictures, not a lot of text. Your email campaign should highlight some great photos, along with supporting text that is short, brief and to the point. This will capture the reader’s attention and increase your chances of having your patients read further, rather than deleting the email.
2. Links To Your Website– The purpose of sending an email blast is to get your patients to go to your medical website. Include links in your text, or make your beautiful graphics click-able. Even adding call-to-action buttons work well to increase click-through-rates.
3.  Viewable On All Devices– Nothing is more frustrating than trying to read an email or a newsletter that can’t be easily viewed on your computer, phone or tablet. Send your self a test email and then try to view it on other devices to make sure your patients can read it.
For more information about medical email marketing such as starting an email campaigns or optimizing your campaign, contact Windy City Strategies today.