It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The day when we are now able to make Skype calls from our home phone free of…oh, it’s not free?
No, and that’s why it’s not the big deal we want it to be. Because Skype calls are still only free when you call other Skype users. We’re still not at the point of singularity. It’s being pitched as a way not use Skype without a computer. C’mon. We have to be getting close to the point where more houses have computers than landlines.
This phone adapter simply allows Skype users to convert their handset to a Skype device. I’m not saying its not cool. You can talk to your Skype friends without being held hostage in front of your computer. This mobility is awesome. But, we’re still a step away from totally free calling using Internet bandwidth. And I feel like the technology should already be there.