You’re probably wondering how it’s possible to make money off Twitter. It’s a good question. An important one at that.
Since the more traditional way of advertising is not as effective anymore, marketers need a new way to advertise. These new outlets are Twitter and Facebook. These sites are important in social media marketing in creating interest and demand.
Twitter can answer questions. All a user has to do is ask a question like, “Where can I buy the foam things for my iPod headphones?” They can get a response from other followers or the company themselves.
You can recruit people for jobs. Similar to Craigslist, Twitter could have their employers pay a small fee to tweet their jobs. Followers can choose which titles and occupations they would like to receive tweets for.
Using Twitter can get your analytics packages for individuals and small business. This is something useful for web designers, writers, authors, etc. to quickly see what the public likes and dislikes about their work. Companies can see what the public thinks about their products.
You can also capture revenue from wireless carries. This is in the carriers’ best interest to have as many text messages as possible going across their networks. Cell phone companies can offer a $5 all-you-can-tweet monthly package.
Want premium service? If you’re launching a version with paid advertising, you can have a premium service that scrubs all the ads, for $4 a month for an advertising-free twitter.
The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is to take advantage of Twitter is to incorporate everything on Twitter to enhance your company rather than it being interruptive detriments.