This past January, the Mac App Store opened. The idea was to spread the popularity of the iPhone’s iOS store to the desktop. Yet, what quick games on the iPhone do are allow us to never be bored. When our spouse is trying on clothes in a dressing room at the mall. When I’m waiting for my oil change. When I’m waiting for my take-out to be ready. Angry Birds allows me to never be bored again. That’s the essence of the entertainment side of the iOS app store. Whereas, even without the Mac App Store, you’re not getting bored on your Mac. There’s already an infinite amount of time wasters.
Now, Apple realized this had to be different so they started a la carte’ing some of their most popular applications, like GarageBand and more. But, I predict this next release is going to be the one that really brings the Mac App Store to the mainstream. Apple is releasing Mac OS X Lion, their next major operating system update, through the Mac App Store. Everyone who wants it right away isn’t going to want to order the physical software. They’re going to want to download it. And where can they go to do that?
The Mac App Store.