Have you seen these commercials on TV lately? PC Laptops being advertised as ultrathin, that are laughable for any of us familiar with the Mac Airbook? Why don’t they just say, “It’s a slightly worse version of the Mac Airbook“? It’s just weird. These artful images of this laptop that’s slightly thinner than traditional PC monstrosities, but outright obese compared to the Mac offering.
But apparently, “ultrabooks” are going to be the new big thing in laptops. Think of the convenience of an iPad with a fold out keyboard for people who don’t like touchscreen functionality and require a lot of typing. In fact, Intel believes that these thin laptops will make up 40% of the notebook market by the end of 2012.
Again, it’s the same complaint I had with the iPad competition. If you’re going to be worse, at least be cheaper. But, we’re not there yet.