With local business advertising being such an integral part of the Internet, a lot of companies try to capitalize, but most are not doing it well and cheating the customer.
Some of the larger companies for local business advertising is Dex Knows, Yellow Book, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, Reach Local, Yodle, etc. These companies take on as many customers as they can, and enter you into one of their already made templates of keywords, and get you online as fast as possible. There are several problems though. The biggest problem is customer service. What do they tell a customer when they are doing Google AdWords marketing, and they want to be listed higher? Now what if they do list you higher, and then another one calls? It is a revolving problem that will never stop until the client quits and goes elsewhere. I guess this explains why R.H. Donnelley declared bankruptcy.
At Windy City Strategies, we only take one client doing the same service in a geographical area, so we don’t have to deal with these problems, and more importantly be fair to our clients.
Windy City Strategies account managers have been in the Internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your online marketing with our industry leading Internet consulting, search engine optimization and ppc bid management.