Using customized targeting on Google AdWords for local business advertising is a great way to reach more qualified leads if you have an audience in a specific area to target. If you do choose to use the customized targeting option for your campaign, your ad will only show to searchers whose ip address are within the area you have defined.
Customized targeting is nice, because it does not limit you to cities and regions, so if you own a restaurant in Chicago you can target only the North Side. Here at Windy City Strategies, we recommend that you pick cities also if you choose to use the customized targeting, so you don’t miss an area, and is recommended by Google too.
When you setup customized targeting, you have three options:
1. Enter a physical address – Enter your street or business address along with the distance, and it will show the radius of a circle around the address you entered. Now you will want to have at least a twenty mile radius as ip addresses are sometimes further away than you think. Google also recommends this. Only users in this circle will see your Google AdWords management ad.
2. Select a point on the map – Here you can define your own radius by dragging the interactive map to place a pointer on your place of business. This point will then automatically create a longitude and latitude, and Google AdWords will target your ad based on this. Not an ideal situation for advertisers. You probably want more control than that.
3. Multi point – This is great as you click on three or four points on a map to create the outline of a region that you would like to target your pay per click management ad. With this feature you can create any kind of size or shape. Have used this many times, and again we recommend to click cities also.
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