When we are doing internet consulting, one of the main things we look over is how your website is going to interact with a potential customer. More specifically, your landing pages for your products or services. The three things that a quality landing page needs is relevant and original content, transparency, and navigability. By doing these extremely simple things, you will decrease your keywords cost per clicks, increase your keyword-targeted ad’s position, more likely to convert your traffic into paying customers, and develop a positive experience for your customer.

Here are some tips to help with your pay per click management:

Relevant and original content means that the customer should be able to easily find what the ad promises. Don’t confuse them, because you will lose them, and make sure the ad link brings them to the best page on your site about the product or service. The page itself should have its own unique content. Do not copy from another site. If you copy content, you will get penalized by the search engines.

Transparency is where you build trust with the customer. Define clearly what your business entails, and honor the deals that you are advertising. Do not ask for customer information unless you must have it. They may think you are a spamming site. If you do need their information, make sure you have dialogue that lets them know what you are going to do with their information.

For navigability, make sure that the path for a potential customer to buy something or get information is direct, and don’t use pop ups and make sure the pages load quickly. If you make the process difficult you will lose them.

These are simple tips to make your pay per click management account run much better, while getting more customers, and paying less. For more information on these suggestions take a look at this Google help page.