The world of social media metrics is simply fascinating. And since we at Windy City Strategies specialize in evidence-based marketing, we were excited when Klout came out. One of the first Twitter rankers, providing you with your Klout score – a measurement of your online influence. This Klout score is based on the number of people who follow you, the number of people you follow, how often your tweets are re-tweeted, and how often your followers engage with your tweets in general.
So, it was fun to sign up for Klout and see that you are a…..42. Ok. So, what do I do with that number? Nothing. Until now.
Klout has released a Chrome Extension that, once installed, lets you see every single Twitterer’s Klout score, directly within the Twitter timeline itself.
So now you can see your most valuable followers and prospects, and work even harder to connect with the online mavens in your market. It’s pretty awesome.