When running a Google AdWords management account, knowing the key AdWords editorial policies is important. Today, we are going to discuss some that beginner Google AdWords users may or may not know.
1. Spacing – When writing an ad make sure you use proper grammar as far as spacing. Do not put hyphens between every word like F-r-e-e-s-h-i-p-p-i-n-g, or no space after a sentence like Free Shipping.Buy Now. Make sure you at least one space. You do not need to have 2 spaces.
2. Punctuations and Symbols – Do not use a symbol, letter or number is place of a word. Buy Shoes 4 Less is not acceptable. You must spell out “for.” You also cannot use @ in place of “at,” or U instead of “you.” For punctuations, you cannot use more than one exclamation point in an Google AdWords marketing ad, and it can never be placed in the title.
3. Capitalization – Here is a very common policy that is broken quite a bit. You cannot capitalize a whole word. FREE is not acceptable, but what is acceptable is capitalizing the first letter of every word, and is highly recommended.
4. Repetition – Google AdWords editorial policy does not allow you to repeat a word to draw attention to an ad like Free Free Free.
5. Competitive Claims – It is great to think you are the best or #1, but this must be verified by a third party and shown on your website to be able to use this in pay per click campaign management.
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