Do you ever choose what movie you’re going to see based on its feature length? 2 and 1/2 hours!??! Nah, let’s go see the comedy.
We are an A.D.D. culture. We desire to be entertained more quickly than ever before. And grow weary when we are not. Before you accuse of me of hypocritically preaching Luddite messages while blogging, let me clarify that I think this dissatisfaction is, in general, a good thing.
We have become pickier. And this causes the level of entertainment as a whole to rise. But I want to know how close we are to getting sick of the 30 minute sitcom.  Because YouTube keeps getting bigger and bigger. And more and more celebrities (aka Justin Bieber) are finding their starts there.
And now it looks like YouTube might pay celebrities to come back. With super talented, but no-name video innovators making 6-figure salaries through ad revenue alone on their YouTube channels, imagine the kind of audience that real celebrities could get?
The strategy? Celebrities create and own 3-minute long shows. And get $5 million for it. That’s right. So, imagine what YouTube must think their presence is worth?
Could your favorite TV channels in the future end up being ones living on YouTube?