Twitter is the most popular network for social media marketing. Companies everywhere are jumping on the social media bandwagon to get their name out there. Taking advantage of Twitter can offer great opportunities and benefits when using the service. But is the site necessary? According to SiteLogic’s Matt Bailey, no you don’t.
People have had successful Internet marketing campaigns long before Twitter was invented and they’ll still be there long after Twitter is gone. However, it’s still a useful tool in a successful social media marketing campaign. Twitter can help you spread the news of your company a lot quicker than before and to a much larger audience.
Think about your goals. Does Twitter fit in? If so, use the site. If you think Twitter doesn’t fit your goals for your campaign, find a different social networking site.
Twitter has a lot of potential to really grow and they’re looking toward monetization and becoming more useful for businesses. Biz Stone, Twitter Co-founder is expecting Twitter to hit billions of tweets per second.