The next Windows phone OS has been announced: Code Name “Mango”. And the question is, is Microsoft simply trying to catch up to the iPhone, or leading the way in a whole new direction.
Well, there are some key differences. App Connect recommends apps via Bing search engine results. For instance, if you search for a movie via Bing, normal prioritized search results will be returned to you, but in Mango, so will recommended apps like Fandango, that lets you purchase the ticket directly within the app. A Windows rep references this predictive thinking as “from Binging to buying in seconds.”
Windows Mango OS’ “People Hub” also features deep social media integration with your contacts. It’s an interesting industry to watch right now. As mobile provider, mobile OS developer, mobile app developer and mobile hardware manufacturer all seek to develop proprietary functionality to bring in the user, who’s going to be playing catchup when the next generation of evolution comes to pass?