With the newly released Mozilla Firefox 4 outpacing the also newly released Internet Explorer 9, industry experts are making long-term browser market share predictions. But, I wonder if they’re forgetting one big thing – that none of these browsers are super mobile-friendly?
And the one browser that is –  just released a new version of well. Opera 11.10 beta, codenamed “Barracuda” is fresh full of new mobile features, including sync, which allows a user to have a seamless experience across both platforms, with shared bookmarks and other elements.
Perhaps that’s a better gateway into the browser leadership position? Becoming the mobile leader that people get used to, and decide they want for the desktop experience as well – simply because of the information share. Alas, it seems like only Opera is playing the game that way. But as the only player with chips in this post, they’re going to get them all if they’re right.