Intel just released news that their 2012 CPU’s would include native support for super-fast USB 3.0. But, this is the same technology that Steve Jobs has been blaming Intel for not supporting. So, what’s going on? Does Steve Jobs think the digital future is something else?
USB 3.0 is the fiber-optic successor to the USB 2.0 ports that have gone mainstream over the past 5 years. They are backwards-compatible. Many times faster than USB 2.0. And they are future focused.
So, why won’t Steve Jobs get behind it? Maybe he’s still upset that FireWire has gotten passed over by USB, despite having many benefits over the technology, including the ability to daisy-chain devices together. So, while Apple has no current plans to embrace USB 3.0, are they simply waiting out for the technology to become mainstream? Or do they think they can avoid Intel altogether? Because the iPhone 4, iPad and Apple TV all utilize ARM-based A4 CPU. Not Intel. And there’s a real benefit to self-reliance, as long as consumers don’t object.