Google TV. Apple TV. Boxee. Which one’s right for you?
Right now, my money’s on Google TV. Why? Because Google products improve faster than any other tech companies. Look what they’ve done with Google Chrome in the past two years. And with this market being the next big thing in entertainment, it’s a certainty Google TV is going to get better and better.
Why not Apple TV? Well, Apple TV has a vested interest in getting users to buy episodes and seasons from their iTunes store. Since Google doesn’t sell the entertainment itself, its vested interest is making sure you get to whatever you want, as cheaply as possible.
Which leads me to Google TV’s one major downside. As of today, you can not access Hulu, the current premier online destination for watching both network and cable television. Google and Hulu are still in negotiations, but once that deal goes through, Google TV looks like the one to beat. Because with its open development policy, there’s no ceiling on its greatness.