Google. It’s a name synonymous with the Internet. In fact, in your mind, Google may own the entire World Wide Web.
But, will they keep it? Because the future looks like it’s mobile- and social-centric. Two fields where, surprisingly, Google isn’t quite dominating.
While Google Android’s mobile operating system is becoming more mainstream, Apple’s iPhone is still winning the race. And with some analysts saying that in 3 years time, more users will be accessing the Internet through their phones than their desktops, now’s the time they need to make their move.
And in the social networking field, Google doesn’t even have a real player (Orkut, a Google name, is relatively successful in both India and Brazil). But this could all change with the still rumored Google Me, a new social networking site with its eyes set squarely at Facebook.
But even then, they are the underdogs in a world we consider to be theirs.