After hearing non-stop about QR codes for the past year, get used to the buzzword that is “augmented reality.” This technology lets you use your smartphone to virtually interact with reality. We’ve talked about it in January with eBay’s Fashion App. The idea that you can “try on” sunglasses from home. You choose your frames, and the product interacts with your body. You turn your head, the sunglasses move on your body.
It’s awesome. And like always, every marketer in the world is trying to figure out how to utilize it with their service. But here’s the reality. It probably doesn’t make sense for you. It might. But probably not. After all, the sunglasses application is a perfect one. And yet, it’s one of the only perfect ones.
In reality, pardon the pun, augmented reality is probably going to evolve into 3D mobile gaming. Games that take place within your real world. Animated creatures that pop out behind your couch when you’re viewing the couch through your smartphone in your living room. Bonus coins that you can only obtain in certain geo-locations.
This isn’t only cool. But it makes sense. And that’s where you have to look when you’re trying to see the future.