Now, it would be nice if airport restaurants charged even close to what they charge at their normal retail establishments. But, if we can’t solve that economic problem today, how ’bout making it easier and less stressful to eat and fly?
Delta Air Lines and OTG Management have combined to create a new digital option for hungry travelers at New York airports. You get to your departure gate, squat where you think you can jump quickly to the line once your boarding group is called. Then you head back to the restaurants you passed 5 minutes ago during your crazy commute to the end of the terminal, right?
Not anymore. Now you can use specific Apple iPad kiosks to order meals from a group of participating restaurants with delivery to the gate guaranteed within 10 minutes. This isn’t just easier. It’s potentially faster, too. And that’s just an awesome use of digital technology working to make an already stressful day a whole lot better.