Everybody is concerned about paying for invalid clicks when running their pay per click management account, but with the state of the art technology that the search engines are using now, sometimes you have to look in the mirror and see if it is something that you are doing. What I mean by this is, what have you done in the account lately or did your industry change? Now let’s take a look at some examples:
1. Competitor behavior – Has a competitor stopped running their ads so you are in a higher position, or maybe more than one has left? This can get you a lot more clicks if this happens. Right now the real estate industry is flat, so there are not a whole lot of Realtors advertising. You can easily see a change in clicks in this scenario.
2. Google Content Network – Did you recently activate the Google content network? If you did you are showing on sites that are relevant to the product or service that you are targeting with your pay per click management campaign. You will get a lot of clicks here especially if your product or service is in the news, because you are being shown to a larger audience.
3. Seasonal Changes – If your product is used only in the summer, you can expect an increase in the Summer seasons with possibly a big slowdown in the Fall.
4. Budget Changes – Was your budget changed recently? If you increased your budget, your daily clicks should increase. Same if you lowered budget. Less Clicks.
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