Yahoo and Microsoft received regulatory clearance to form a search alliance. This is a major and exciting milestone and the first step in their combined effort to help you reach even more customers with greater ease and efficiency.
What’s to come?
No immediate changes will be made to your Yahoo Search Marketing account. Both companies are committed to making it a seamless and beneficial transition for you as much as possible. Their goal is the best quality transition of advertisers and partners in the U.S. before the 2010 holiday season. Though you might have to wait until 2011 if they decide that this will be more effective. You will get more information three months in advance about what to expect.
How the Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance Will Benefit You
Once implemented, the Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance will enable you to:
Reach more customers

  • Reach up to 150 million searchers and get approximately 62 percent more search volume than on Yahoo alone through the new and unified search marketplace combining the Yahoo and Microsoft networks.
  • To help drive future growth in search volume, Yahoo will continue to significantly enhance the search experience on its leading web properties

Save valuable time and effort

  • Just log into one place, Microsoft’s adCenter, to manage campaigns for greater efficiency and a better ROI.
  • With just one buy you can reach other users on Yahoo and Microsoft sites, as well as other premium partner sites.

Benefit from rapid innovation

  • Yahoo will deliver new features and innovations to the world’s favorite online destinations, content and web products used by hundreds of millions of consumers to connect to the people and things that matter to them most.
  • Microsoft will innovate the underlying technologies that drive high quality algorithmic and paid search results.