As an Internet marketing consulting firm, we get clients that come in and want their website “optimized, or “SEO’d” but they are not actually sure what that means. Like most fields, people know enough to be dangerous, but are not experts. It’s a little like calling an investor banker, and telling them you want to invest your money. That could mean a lot of things, and they will advise you the right way to go.
So when Windy City Strategies consults a client like this, we give them a run down on the different types of marketing and why this would work better than something else. Now most clients want to show in the natural listings for terms they believe to be their main audience, and we always ask, how they know this, and it comes down to beliefs, but no real concrete results. Now I have no problem with that, and who am I to say that is not correct, but with Internet marketing we can get quantitative proof just like an investment banker will show profits or losses. This is why we always recommend to our clients to start with ppc bid management and implement analytics and track your results. Within a month or two, you will have a pretty good idea of what is working and not working.
If you went the route of going with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right away, you may not get this data for another 4 months, and that is not good if it did not work. You must supplement your advertising with Google AdWords management, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN/ Bing, and work on the natural listings at the same time based on quantitative results.
Windy City Strategies account managers have been in the Internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your online marketing with our industry leading Internet consulting, search engine optimization and pay per click management.