Almost every client that we come across here at Windy City Strategies has had concerns about doing internet marketing and how to protect trademarked terms on Google. Just so we are all the same page, a trademark is a logo, phrase, word or symbol that distinguishes a service or product from others in a marketplace. Now Google does not want to arbitrate trademark disputes between trademark owners and the person advertising on the trademark terms. The Google trademark team would rather have the trademark owner settle the dispute by contacting the advertiser in violation, because the advertiser is responsible for the keywords and ad they create. This sometimes does not work, so Google will investigate some complaints that are reasonable, but this only applies to Google Adwords marketing on the sponsored links and not the natural listings. If you have a concern about someone using a website, you must contact the advertiser directly to get this resolved. Google will not get involved.
To get your complaint heard by Google, you have to fill out a Google Trademark Complaint, and provide them certain information about the trademark. Once the complaint is reviewed and you win, no advertiser can use your trademark in their ad text. They can use the trademarked term as a keyword, because of freedom of speech, but because of the quality score formula, it will be tough for an advertiser to continue to use the keyword, because a low click through rate is inevitable. Now you the trademark owner is in charge, and you can allow advertisers to use your trademark if you allow them. This is also in the complaint form to allow certain customer id’s the permission to use your trademark. I hope this helps answer some questions about Google trademarks.
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