A huge part of internet marketing is the ad that you place in front of potential customers looking for your product or service. If the ad is not enticing enough or not giving the user the information they want, they will skip your ad and go to another. I do not think this is something that you want, and knowing the format of a Google Adwords ad will help you. Text ads contain 4 lines; headline, description, display URL, and destination URL. Now let’s talk about each.
1. Headline – The headline can contain up to 25 characters and this includes spaces. The headline attracts potential customers to your product or service. Having the keyword that the searcher used is optimal, because it will get bolded, and increase click through rates.
2. Description – The description contains 2 lines of 35 characters, and this also includes spaces. These 2 lines will contain your product, service, information, promotion, or a special. Make your description clear enough to communicate what your are selling or informing them of, but enticing so that the user wants to click your ad. This can be difficult at times, which is why a/b testing is needed.
3. Display URL – The display URL can contain up to 35 characters with spaces. This shows the website that the user will go to if they click your ad.
4. Destination URL – The destination URL can contain up to 1024 characters. This is where the user will land on the website if the ad was clicked. This URL can be different than the display URL, but must be a page withing the same website. You want the user to land within 2 pages of the keyword they searched or you may lose them, because they can’t find the product or service.
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