I don’t know how it’s possible, but according to NetMarketShare, Internet Explorer, the leading U.S. broswer, has actually gained 1% market share since May. This gain comes directly at the expense of Firefox and Google Chrome market losses.
If anything, this proves how important being first-to-market really is, even though Netscape technically had the early browser lead in the 90s. By pushing Internet Explorer to the masses with the monopoly popularity of the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer has now held the browser lead for 15 years.
But arguably, in terms of speed, ease of use, privacy and features, Internet Explorer isn’t the winner.
Firefox is the browser of choice for Web developers. Opera is the browser of choice for those obsessed with speed. And Google Chrome is the browser of choice for those who want the latest and greatest features and extensions.
But Internet Explorer continues to grow, simply because it was first?