When we are doing Internet consulting with clients, we try to help them understand Internet marketing by putting them in real world situations. Let’s pretend you walk into a Target store, which is like entering a website. When you look around you see navigation or way finding like men’s, women’s, small appliances, sporting goods, auto department, toys, etc just like if you looked at a website. Now if you walked into the electronics department or clicked it, you would find new navigation showing computers, video games by console, Cd’s, DVD’s, etc.
If you walked into the CD area, or clicked into that new navigation, you would find country music, rock, r&b;, pop, etc. You can go into each of those sections and find titles in alphabetical order, and pick the CD up and read about it. Each of these are clicks on your website.
After you have found the CD you want, you should be able to purchase this product easily, which is why the check out counter is in the middle of the department. Of course, being able to purchase should be everywhere on your website too.
Now what if a customer wants help or has a question about a product, well the store has employees that you can find, your website also has employees. This is why you must have a phone number or contact information prominently displayed on all pages of your site.
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