When Windy City Strategies is doing internet marketing consulting on ads, we always go over the Google Adwords editorial policies, because it helps the client understand what cannot be done. Some of them are self explanatory, but there are others that clients want to use in their ad. Let’s take a look at a few of Google’s Editorial policies.
1. Spacing – Correct spacing is important. BuyNow or Buy.Now are not correct and your ad will be disapproved.
2. Punctuations and Symbols – Punctuation cannot be repeated 2 times in a row to attract a users attention. No exclamation point can be used in the title, and only one can be used in the description. Also numbers and letters cannot be used in place of words like 4U.
3. Capitalization- Capital letters can be used for the first letter of each word, but all the letters of a word cannot be capitalized to draw attention to it.
4. Repetition – Repeated words are not to be used in your Google AdWords marketing, like Deals, Deals, Deals for a promotion. There are different ways to write this instead to get past the editorial review.
5. Unacceptable Phrases – Call to action words are great, and should be used, but if they don’t describe your product or service you cannot use them. An example is Click Here Now.
6. Superlative Claims – This is something all customers want to strive to and say, which is why Google has decided to not allow subjective phrases like “best” or “#1,” unless verified by a 3rd party and shown prominently on your website.
Hopefully you found some of these tips useful.
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