When Windy City Strategies is doing internet consulting for a client, the topic of invalid clicks seems to come up quite often. Rest assured, all the search engines have measures in place, but today I will discuss Google’s policy, since they get around 70% of the search engine traffic.
Invalid clicks are clicks that are completed by methods that Google prohibits. Some methods are manual repeated clicking, and repeated automated clicking by use of robots, software or clicking tools. These clicks are intended to drive up the costs to someones Google Adwords marketing. Now Google closely monitors these scenarios among others to protect advertisers from receiving these invalid clicks.
Here are 3 powerful tools that Google also uses to stop invalid clicks:
Detection and filtering techniques – Each click on Adwords is analyzed by the system, and they grab information like IP address, time of click, duplicate clicking, and other measures to isolate and filter out potential invalid clicks.
Advanced monitoring techniques – Google has proprietary technology to analyze clicks and impressions to see if there are patterns that may drive up an advertiser’s clicks. This technology catches most invalid clicks prior to them even reaching your reports, but sometimes a pattern is noticed too late, so credits are issued into the Google Adwords marketing account.
The Google team – This team uses specialized tools and techniques to examine invalid clicks. When the system detects potential invalid clicks, this team will gather information from the affected account to see where the source of invalid clicks is coming.
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