YAHOO! has launch product enhancements designed to give you more transparency into the performances of the traffic you receive. Hoping to strengthen the YAHOO! Search marketing marketplace. This tool will help make it easier to manage campaigns.
Network Distribution
This feature lets you set up campaigns or ad groups targeting YAHOO! Search, YAHOO! Partners or both. While campaign objectives will determine the best use of this, its best that advertisers target the Entire Network to maximize traffic volume while retaining the ability to bid p or down on YAHOO! Partners. For the best control and optimization, duplicate key campaigns with one targeting YAHOO! Search and the other targeting YAHOO! Partners.
Import Campaigns
Import Campaigns is designed to help you easily and efficiently convert your campaign data from Google AdWords into YAHOO! Search Marketing formats. Just download the third-party file and import it from your computer into Sponsored Search interface. Once the import is done, you’ll be able to view any errors and pause the campaigns for review.