A way to help improve your marketing is to track and see how customers are converting on your site. Conversations show you the path your customers take on your site. They are broken into four sections. Here are few things you should known.

  • Goal Completions- Number of conversions
  • Goal Value- Produced by the number of conversions on your site. Calculate by multiplying number of conversion goals by the value that was assigned.
  • Goal Conversion Rate- Total amount of individual number of conversions rate.
  • Total Abandonment Rate- Goals are abandoned
  • Assisted Conversions- Conversions of this channel appeared on the path, but is not the final interaction.
  • Assisted Conversion Value- Conversions that are assisted by the channel

Goals Overview
This can give you a quick summary of the total number of goal completions made from your site. Able to view the pages where the goals were made and then link to see where the converting originates from.

  • Goal URL’s– The URL’s report shows the links on your site where users convert. When you use destination goal, the URL users can land on once the goal has been completed. For example as a thank you and confirming your page.
  • Reverse Goal Path– This reports displays four steps in goal completion journey. Shows a popular pathway people take, and how to complete a goal. For example, most people only go through at least three pages at most. If so you want to also shorten other pathways going through your site it gets people to goal faster.

Ecommerce Overview
To sell products through your ecommerce shopping system, this will give you insights to your shoppers’ journey. You must set up the tracking in order to use the reports. These reports summarizes the conversion rates, transactions, and average order total.

  • Product Performance– Unique purchases, product revenue, and quantity.
  • Sales Performance- Total revenue, conversion rate, and total average of order value.
  • Transactions- Quantity, shipping, and tax of all items for each transaction

Multi-Channel Overview
This reports give you a summary for each channel that drives visitors to your site. Google Analytics attributes conversions to the last referral that brought a visitor to your site to make a conversion. Multi-Channel reports, you will discover not just one type of marketing that can help your business but all different types.
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