Hulu and the TV Networks have reached a deal, keeping Hulu at the forefront in the streaming television industry. Although, the new deal ushers in no new innovations, but rather extends the initial arrangement agreed upon and signed two years ago. But even that is a huge achievement, and means that users will continue to be able to stream FOX, NBC and ABC content and more.
Networks must feel “safe” with Hulu. They still get to run their ads. There’s still a delay before the episodes are able to stream, incentivizing live viewing and more. But, the problem is, Hulu isn’t what consumers are looking for in the long-run. Commercial interruptions. Traditional television lineups.  If not passe, they are at the very least, unwanted. So, what’s the future? Network subscriptions? Individual show subscriptions?
We might have to wait two more years for real evolution to occur.