Google has made it clear that, like Apple, they’re behind HTML5, especially for video and rich graphics in the browser.
Here’s why. Google Chrome teamed up with the band, Arcade Fire, and director Chris Milk to create a customized interactive video for the band’s song, “We Used to Wait.” Designed for Google Chrome, the site can be viewed in any HTML5-compliant browser.
This experience is customized by the user typing in the address of the house they grew up in. Note: To make the most out of the experience, you need to type in an address that Google has Street View images of.
The video background then takes place in your neighborhood and ends by your house. It’s really cool. But, most surprising to me was the use of pop-up windows. The experience utilizes dozens of different windows to make the video. It works. And it’s cool. And it’s all timed with the song. But it kind of makes this new technology seem old school. Nonetheless, HTML5 looks like it’s going to have a beautiful future.