Bing Social Search is now officially influencing Bing search results. So, what does that mean for search engine optimization? It means that getting connectors to “like” your page is now one of the most effective uses of your time.
Because Bing has implied that if one of your friends has “liked” a page relative to your search text, it’s going to show up on page 1, with a note displaying which friend “liked” this. More than that, you are going to start seeing what the larger Internet community thinks of the search results you see as well. 1,248 people liked this page? Hmm, that says a lot. (click)
This changes everything. So, the more connected your social media community is with your site, the better your chances of new, organic (at least non-paid) traffic. But, to be “liked”, your page has to be awesome. Which means user-centric with great depth of content. So everything’s changed. But, the rules are still the same.