Facebook provides a fantastic opportunity in connecting and providing value to local community members who could be potential clients in the near future. Now a days everyone is on Facebook, and when patients are asked “How did you hear about us?” They would typically say on Facebook or someone referred them to you. Here are 3 ways to help promote your medical practice.

Story Time

Facebook Pages require content. What better content than to tell a story about your medical practice? Featuring  your employees and giving a brief description about what they do. Write about some local events or health news to help promote. By posting sources and news about other health and events people will start to come to you for medical assistance as well.

Talking To Your Fans

Potential clients want to know what goes on with your medical practice and the office. Give them updates on things like when the office will be close? Any vacations coming up? Or even if your closed for the holidays. Don’t let them hang and wait around for an answer. You could have the chance at losing a potential client. Communication with your fans is very important to do, they can see how reliable you are and you are their to answer any kind of questions.

How To Engage Other Pages

Being in the medical field, it makes sense to start having some pages that you “like” to build up a referral network that can benefit everyone involved. When having a good referral network it gives your medical practice a better chance at getting more patients. For example the Farmer’s market would be a great page to “like” because they would be a solid resource for a healthy diet. Along with Everyday Health, it’s a page that explains health and wellness.
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