Ever watch someone use the Internet in the most painful and slowest process? Do not worry, if you don’t want to end up like that, follow these tips to surf the web effectively. Covering some browser shortcuts to SEO that will make it easy to find anything on the Web. The average person spends about 5 hours in front of the tablet, phone or computer. We spend a bunch of time of the Internet so let’s start to learn some quick tricks that can make things easier for you!
How To Reopen The Last Tab That You Closed : If you are using a iOS system use the shortcut (Command+Shift+T) and if you are using a windows system use the shortcut (Control+Shift+T). This will work with chrome or Firefox. This is perfect for when you are comparing products on different websites and if you accidentally close out the tabs.
Opening Incognito Windows : The average person has at least 3 email accounts, and chances are that number has only gone up since 2011. Google a few years back made all their products available to one login username. Meaning you can use your Gmail, Drive, YouTube, and Hangouts with the same information. If you have your YouTube and Gmail on different email addresses, you can login by using a incognito window to be in both accounts at the same time. Use the shortcut (Command+Shift+N) this shortcut works for all web browsers.
Using Password Mangers : Use a password manager to help save you time from having to enter in your passwords all the time. Start by using LastPass and Mitro these are great ways to save time and that frustration on trying to remember what your password is. These password managers work as a plug in for Chrome and Firefox. All you need to do is simply sing in to a website life Gmail or Facebook, and the manager will ask you if you want to save that password for the future. Works across multiple computers so you can have the same access that is saved at work and even your home.
When Using A Chrome Browser : To help save bookmark clutter in Chrome, you can right click on bookmark, and select edit and delete the name field and just leave it blank, and hit save. This will leave what it known as a favicon, which the logo of what the site is. If you need more room on the bookmarks bar you can create folders.
Using Ad block To Filter Out The Ads : Who isn’t tired of seeing advertisements on your favorite sites? Download a plug in called Ad block and this can filter out those ads out of browsing experience.
Opening Pages In New Tab : Do you want a link to open in a new tab, without losing the page your already on? Hold down (command) for a mac and (control) on a windows and click on the link you want to open in a new tab. Makes things much more easier!
Highlighting Terms or Phrase That You Want To Look Up : If there is a term or phrase that you want to learn more about, right click and select search in Google, and the search will open up in a new tab that saves you many other clicks.
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