The relevance of social media to business marketing is at an all-time high. As a business owner, it is more likely than not that you find yourself immersed in it. From interacting with followers to customer engagement activities like going live and sharing personal pictures and milestones, it can sometimes feel like your privacy is at risk. We understand this concern, and this is why this article addresses it. Continue reading to find ways to protect your privacy on social media, especially as a business owner. 

Tips for Protecting Your Social Media Privacy 

Follow these tips to get some comfort and surety about the safety of your activities on social media 

Full Information is Great, But Not So Much 

For your business page, your followers and customers must know how and where to find you. This would help build trust and clear doubts that they may be getting defrauded. However, as much as possible, restrict the personal information that ties in with your business. For example, if you own an online store, you do not have to use your personal address as a contact or pickup address. It may seem overkill, but it is best to keep your personal information separate from your business. Your online community may need to know fun things about you, such as your favorite meal, as a way of bonding. But sharing the middle school you attended or the name of the pet you had as a child (hello password?) is not the greatest idea. 

 Careful With Strangers 

It is an unsaid rule to not actively engage with strangers, but many people let their guard down. You need to connect with new people, prospective clients, vendors, and similar businesses. But it would be best to remember that being behind a phone does not save you from bad intentions. It is best to know a person outside social media before trusting them with confidential information. Similarly, you may want to keep your professional life away from your personal life. Give a second thought to who you give daily updates about your schedule, whereabouts, and plans 

Protect Your Account Security 

You should always be in the know about who has your social media logged on their devices. Be it your employees or social media handler, you should frequently check the devices you are logged in to. Instagram and Facebook have a way of flagging and tracking login sessions, including the location of the device on which your account is logged on. 

Ensure you have extra security on your social media accounts by enabling two-factor authentication and such cautionary measures. Remember to not save your login information on any device that is not yours. 

Careful with the Permissions 

Like most apps on your phone, your social media apps requests permission that you should keep an eye on. For example, Instagram requests access to your camera, your gallery, and your location, and these things are tracked for marketing purposes. You should be aware of the implications of what happens by using your social media. Your data is tracked, and deleted content is too. Your IP address is also available in the app. 

We hope that this helps you get more conscious and on top of protecting your privacy on social media. For more insights on marketing and growing your business, explore our blog here.