Worried about not having enough patients? Or nightmares that recur because you fear that one day you’ll walk in to the office and schedule will be bare? Or are you a new clinic struggling to boost up your daily routine? Here is how to promote and market your medical practice.

  1. Professional website and a well written blog are number one best to have for your Medical Practice. Along with having an active Facebook and Twitter account to handle your business. Social Media is a big strategy to have, if you post things to your Facebook or on google at least 10 posts per week you aim high for all the amounts you post to Twitter.

  2. Be as active in your community as possible. Go to the county fairs and sporting events to present your clinic and show you business off. Make it a fun time and get customers to interact.

  3. Donate to charity for physical or cosmetic service.

  4. Invite the whole community for an open house, serve them with refreshments and raffles/prizes.

  5. Make yourself available to local and national news centers and alost online and print publications to comment on current health problems. Become the expert.

  6. Increasing the satisfaction of customer service from H.E.A.R.T

  7. Sending a thank you card to patients that are new to your office.

  8. Send out emails to remind them on their annual check ups.

  9. Give out care packages to patients that come into your office so they have all information about your business.

  10. Get involved with the local chamber and host lunch to learn about the local.

For more information about how to promote your medical practice, contact Windy City Strategies