A few years ago, you probably got nervous about your mobile site. The fact that you didn’t have one. And you may have even hired some website developer to create a specialized mobile Website just for you. So that the next evolution of Web browsing equipment would properly display your offering.
Well, the next evolution is here. And it’s your TV.
Now, this is a slightly better problem to have. Because you don’t have to condense your content to fit in a smaller space, like with a mobile device. But, the trick is making sure your content is presentable on a larger TV screen. Some segment of the population is going to be viewing your site from several feet away, and making “clicks” using a remote control with a pointer.
This may be exactly what’s needed to really make video the focus of the Web.
1) Because people viewing on their televisions are going to expect it.
2) It will be hard for viewers to read a lot of text on a site viewed via television.
Google even offers a tip for helping you see what your current site would look on TV. Simply make your display size 1920 x 1980, and zoom in your browser to 1.5x the normal size. Then step away from your computer. How does it look to you? Because that’s how more and more people are going to start seeing your Website.