If you own a business and are advertising it online, there are important details to keep in mind to ensure your company’s reputation. Monitoring your website often and improving your online status could be the deciding factor for a potential customer between you and another competitor. To make sure that people are seeing your business as a positive one, there are some things you can do using the following tips and by asking these questions.
1.   Want to know what others are saying about your business? Search for your company’s name using Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find your results. See if others are comparing you to your competitors and what they say about the difference between the two. Knowing this information can help you improve your business based on what customers are saying about the service or product. It is also a good idea to look up your competition. Learn about your competitor to gain a competitive edge over them.
2.   Your company website is a strong representative for how online users interpret your reputation. The logo should be bold and different, making others notice and remember it after they have left the site. Make sure the customer can tell what product or service you offer without them having to look too hard for it.
3.   If you would like to know what people think of your company there is one way to fix this. Create different social media accounts for your business and let the public voice their opinions. Having a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn will allow you to see what your customers think. It’s a good way to market and it allows others to learn more about what you do. Create a Google Alert and you will get an email every time someone mentions you or comments on your social media feed.
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