When you walk into TJ Maxx, what is the first thing you want to know? Do you care that T.J. Max was founded in 1976? What about how they are the largest off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the U.S.? Or how over 1700 of their stores receives about 10,000 items a week!
Some clients may not care to know the history behind these retail stores, or bakery’s. Your clients are just as busy as you are and they have goals for their businesses. They simply won’t care about details that aren’t important to them, even if you think they should be. 
Talking About Your Services: It’s very important as the designer to be specific about what you have to offer. Yes it is smart to reach out to a lot of potential customers, but in actuality this is one the thing that can really hinder your career progress.
If a potential customer asks about what design services you offer, do you tell them “a little bit of everything?” If that’s the case, stop doing that immediately. Do you really know every kind of design? Do you design teakettles, buses, air plains, or even baby carriages? No you do not, so you don’t need to tell your customers that. Don’t assume they already know what you are all about; they won’t unless you spell it out for them.
What they want is someone who is perfect for their specific needs. Be specific about what kind of value you are offering, and quality clients will be more interested in your services.
Out Of The Box: Many designers make broad assumptions in their marketing strategies. Many of them assume that their potential clients are looking for someone who is able to give them a website, logo, or a brand. That’s not the case here. What they are really looking for is a designer who can think for them and come up with solutions to problems they don’t even know they have. Who can take his/ her business to the next level.
Clients are eager to work with a designer who understands their need for prime market positioning. Take yourself out of the box of marketing, and don’t be generic. You want to be known as the unique designer, so make sure your clients and potential clients can see what you have to offer.
Remember to not make assumptions about what response you are going to get or what you think people want, need or should know. People who feel as though you understand them will be genuinely excited about working with you. They will also be eager to recommend you to other potential clients. For more information about how to improve your communication skills contact Windy City Strategies for more details.