So you have this beautiful website for your business, and you need to get traffic to your site, but how? Well there are many things you can do, but when we do Internet marketing consulting for a client, we always advise them that the Internet is a great place to quantify your results, so we need to setup a program that we can do this.
To start, you must implement Google analytics on your website. This is a java script code that gets placed on all pages of your website, and lets you know how your website interacts with your users. So why is this a must? Well, to quantify your results, would it not be great to be able to see what keywords are bringing in traffic naturally and through paid search? We will discuss each shortly. How long users are staying on your site and what keywords brought them in? Which keywords convert your product, service or information? Where they are coming from, and what browser they used? This is information that can be used to quantify your results, and bring your rate on investment up.
Once you have implemented conversion tracking, we need to get the traffic to the site. Now what? Well, we always recommend our clients to start with a pay per click management program over starting with a search engine optimization program, because what are you optimizing? I know there are keywords you want to show for, and I am not against doing that because you will optimize them anyhow, but I would not go much further than that, because what you “think” works, is not always what works, and we can quantify results quicker with a PPC management program.
With a pay per click management program, you can blanket a community with keywords that pertain to what you sell. With a properly setup PPC management account, you will be able to quickly quantify your results to not spend too much money on keywords that do not convert, but spend money on keywords that do. Now when I say quickly, each account is different, but give it a least 2-3 months, which will give you quite a bit of traffic to make good choices on your marketing. Now during these 3 months, you will be able to see keywords that perform well, and implement a search engine optimization program to supplement your pay per click management program. Now do you see why you can’t start to optimize a bunch of keywords? I have seen it a bunch of times that a client wasted 6 months going after keywords like foreclosure, because that is what they do, but save my home or buy my home were the keywords that they were actually converting on.
I am a business owner too, and I know that I can’t waste 6 months of blind marketing. Can you?
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