Utilizing a blog on your website is not only a good idea to help with your rankings, but it also helps with link building. If you’re doing everything right and you still don’t see changes try these few tips to get more out of your blog.
1.     Optimize your past blog post titles. Why? When making a blog post the first thing you think of is not what the title is going to be, but what it is you’re going to write about. The title is not something you often think about either.  Come up with a creative title for your blog post. These titles are driving organic value to your site and could work even better if the titles are optimized for SEO. Create a different title for the next blog post you write and see if that doesn’t work.
2.     Don’t Forget your call to action! At the end of every blog post make sure you remind the audience why they are reading it in the first place. They want to know more about what you have to say and more about your product or business. Add a link at the bottom of every blog post and remind them to visit your website to learn more about you. This can create potential new customers or sales for your company.
3.     Social Media. If your blog doesn’t already have them,  you must get them. Using your social media links within your blog posts can create new opportunities for your business. Even having social media buttons on your blog somewhere will help as well. Linking to any of your social media sites such as twitter, facebook, or google +, within your website will prompt users to click on it and learn even more about you.
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