Every doctor needs a personal brand and that is shaped by the message that is crafted and presented. Five key things to add to your reputation-builder, which would be to build a positive image, connects you with people quickly, and share values. Benefit and have some opportunities and of course having referrals.
How to sell yourself without self-promoting
1. Why should someone care? 
Having all communicating value, benefit or resource to the audience. You want to understand their needs and wants. They want to know what’s meaningful to them and what they can benefit out of it.
2. Why are you better and different from the rest?
Providing why you are different from the rest and when you provide a more better explanation you can sell yourself off pretty quick to grab their attention. What’s your sales proposition?
3. Language
When using your words you want things to be engaging, clear, strong and memorable. Make sure things are in order and able to follow through clear to make sure the reader understands what you are saying.
4. Focus
Stick to one primary idea, don’t go all over the place. It tends to lead to a misunderstanding and a lot of questions.
5. Practice
Practice makes perfect but nobody is prefect at anything. Test, revise and practice.
Giving the time and effort to create, practice and present your message spontaneously it will make the lasting impression on somebody. Be clear, concise and memorable on the message you are trying to give.
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