There is a common belief that posting too much on social media networks can annoy a bands customers, ultimately driving them away.  However, hard data on this has not been available until now.

It turns out that although posting more often does have consequences, it is possible to post far more frequently on Facebook than many brands believe.

We start by looking at the response level per post, as increasing numbers of posts are made per day.  The response level at each Posting Frequency is represented as a percentage of the response received when a brand only posts once in a day:  Response Per Post drops off markedly as more posts are made.

When a brand posts twice a day, those posts only receive 57% of the likes and 78% of the comments per post.  The drop-off continues as more posts are made in the day.

Response per Post is important because it impacts your engagement levels.  It is the Response Per Day, rather than Per Post, that represents the total amount of interaction a brand is having with its consumers, and is representative of the total amount of touch-points they have to get across their marketing message.

So next we look at what happens to the total response, or response per day, as the Posting Frequency increases:  There is no significant change in Total Response as the Posting Frequency increases.

Interestingly enough, although the response per post decreases, the total amount of response stays more or less steady as posting frequency increases.

What to take from this:

  1. Be aware that response per post does decrease with posting frequency, and with this your visibility via Edgerank will be decreased.

  2. If done with careful monitoring, it is certainly possible to post quite frequently on Facebook without upsetting your audience.

  3. Regardless of how often you post, your content has to be relevant and interesting to your audience.

  4. Increase posting frequency with care and use analytics to find the posting frequency that is right for you.

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