How Businesses can Benefit from Local SEO

Studies show that over 40 percent of Google searches are directed at seeking information on a locality. Relating this to internet marketing, many customers are on the lookout to find local businesses online. Not leveraging this to rank better on local searches would mean missing out on good traffic and a pool of prospective customers. Please read on to learn how local SEO can benefit your business.

Local Search and SEO

When people search for information on a product, service, or business relevant to a particular location, it is called a local search. This would mean that local searching uses phrases like “lawyer near me,” “beauty shop in Wisconsin,” and such queries. It is, therefore, specific to a location.

If you have an online business or one with an online front operating in your locality, local SEO practices aim to get you closer to prospective clients within that locality. Local SEO, therefore, refers to optimizing with the end goal of increasing online visibility in local searches. It is very beneficial in that it not only allows you to take advantage of online traffic but it increases foot traffic to the physical location of your business. As the optimization is targeted, it improves lead conversion numbers. Your local SEO strategy will ensure that your business gets prime visibility locally and rank high in local search results.

How to Initiate a Local SEO strategy

  • Google My Business

Setting this up must be the first step in your local SEO strategy. The Google My Business tool allows you to list your business on the internet for free. If you have this, it contributes majorly to how well you rank on local searches. Having complete information online about your business not only helps with search results but also helps build your credibility and trust. Your business name, address, contact details, operating hours, and location on the map should be accessible.

  • Local Backlinks

As with regular SEO practices, you need backlinks to increase your chances of visibility online. In this case, the backlinks to choose must be relevant to your locality. This would require you to target websites with authority in that area. A simple way to do this is by working up a partnership with brands that can add your website and resources link to theirs. For instance, if you own a bar operating in Illinois, you can target restaurant review websites that are popular in Illinois to mention your services on their site.

  • Local user-centric approach

For local SEO to succeed, the local user must be kept in mind. To effectively center the user, you will need social listening tools. How are your customer reviews? What are the people in your locality saying about your business or the industry in general? When you have this information, you can tailor your marketing strategy to fit what your local audience is looking to see. This information has the power to redirect your content plan, brand positioning, and product improvement.

Best practices for local SEO include optimizing your website for mobile, ensuring that up-to-date information about your business is available on significant directories (Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, etc.), and creating content around frequent local searches.

If you would like to kickstart a local marketing strategy, contact Windy City Internet Strategies, we can help you set up local SEO efforts both for your business location and other locations you are looking to target.