It’s official. It now looks like Google has bought out companies in every single industry. With their recent video game company acquisitions, I think it’s safe to say that Google can now officially take over the world.
I’m being facetious of course. But  perhaps that’s what they hope to accomplish through their upcoming Chrome Web Store. Recently, Google presented this concept for their Chrome Web Store, an HTML5 apps marketplace, during its I/O conference.
It looks like Google’s new app store will resemble the iPhone app store in many similarities. But, unlike Apple, Google won’t be taking a 30% cut of profit. Rather, they will only collect a “processing fee” of approximately 5% of the app purchase.
This huge profit incentive alone could win developers over right away. But, the real magic behind Google’s Chrome Web Store can’t even be answered yet. Because it’s to soon to tell how Google will incorporate Gmail, Buzz, their future “Google Me” social media network and every other proprietary site they own to help make this site both viral and network-driven.
The Chrome Web store is reportedly launching in October.