No matter if you are a plastic surgeon, chiropractor, dermatologist, or any type of dentist, it is important to make sure you are being found online if you have a website. More and more people are using their mobile phones and tablets to research a company and you want to make sure you are being found when people are searching you. When done correctly, medical marketing can effectively improve the number of patients visiting your website and build your brand reputation. With the help of our carefully strategized approaches, Windy City Strategies’ Internet marketing specialists can help you achieve this goal.
Some ways to increase traffic on your website are to make sure you have the right online marketing campaigns to drive up the number of people seeing your company name. In order to have a successful online medical marketing campaign, it is important to continue (or start) writing blogs, articles, newsletters, etc. This will allow patients to see your name and may end up being a potential client if they click on one of the links attached within each blog or article.
We encourage our clients to have well-written, original content on their websites. It will allow you to stand out not only from your competitors, but in the eyes of Google as well.  If you and 20 other orthodontist websites all have the same content, the odds of you ending up on the first or even second page are slim to none. The more content you have available, the higher your chances are of being ranked higher within the first few pages of Google.
Every doctor or dentist would say they would like more referrals. In reality, many healthcare professionals miss the opportunity to care for critical patient care because their staff was tracking them on paper or in Excel and about 60-70% of the referrals were not being received and the practice ended up losing money. In order to avoid this issue, an electronic referral program would help you keep track of each referral better so you are not losing any potential patients and your patients are getting the care they need.
If you would like your healthcare practice to succeed online, using these few tips are a great start, or contacting an Internet marketing specialist at Windy City Strategies. We will work with you and your practice to ensure you have a successful online practice.