I still have a Hotmail e-mail address. I’ll admit it. Yes, it’s slightly embarrassing sometimes. But at the time, I was an innovator. This was a Microsoft product for crying out loud!
And now, the great and might Microsoft has launched a new feature for Hotmail, a feature that other providers like Yahoo have been utilizing for a long while now. And it doesn’t really solve my problem.
Hotmail users have been able to create e-mail aliases for a while by using + and a descriptor word at the end of your e-mail name to organize different types of e-mail. But what about for the Hotmail user who’s embarrassed to be using Hotmail? Well, now you can create completely different e-mail addresses that you can still receive within your primary e-mail account. Not completely different though. You can get yet another Hotmail account. Or a slightly improved live.com account. But that doesn’t help my problem, does it?