If a client approaches you with a challenge to develop and design a website for them, they and they ask if it should be mobile or responsive. There are so many platforms that a client could use, but here is a better way to understand it all.
What To Look For
Do you know what the fastest way is to see a responsive design? Pull up any site you wish and re-size your browser window. Did you see what happened? If the website is responding you will see it set up in any way you use it. It’s very convenient, and accommodating.
Platform Customization
Re-arranging and Re-sizing is one thing, but there’s way more to having a responsive design than that. When beginning on a project, designers create at least three different unique versions, one for a desktop, mobile and tablet. It’s all one site but each one is being responsive.
You want to expand and brand experience and feelings associated with the website to remain original, but you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider how they are taking in the same information. For example, if you hear the saying “one eye, one thumb” that relates to if you are on a mobile device or on the go. Means for your site that consumers have less attention to give to your site and just want to get to the point. A mobile version of your site will be more straight forward and give them what they need.
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