Many of us were shocked when Groupon turned down Google’s reported $6 billion buy-out this past week. Simply because we didn’t see how Groupon could possibly be worth that much.
Of course, it’s hard to bet against Google. They understand their expansion plans much better than we do. And they obviously saw an enormous benefit in the local relationships Groupon has around the country. But apparently Groupon believes that those relationships and the market lead in this ever-expanding group-purchasing segment is worth more than 6 billion dollars.
And they’re going to continue with their long-term expansion plans, including Groupon Stores and the Deal Feed.
Right now, Groupon offers one big deal-a-day for each city. With Groupon Stores, any shop owner can set up a virtual store within Groupon and create as many deals as they want. But then, how will customers be notified? That’s where Deal Feed comes in, which sends you a personalized stream of deals based on your interests and hyper-location.